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United Protective Services believes strongly that our greatest asset is our employees, and you do not disappoint. Check back here often to read about how our employees are taking the security world by storm, earning awards and taking training to continue to grow in the field of security.

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    Employee December Anniversaries:

    • Richard Brillhart
    • David Burnett
    • Jeffrey Daniels
    • Archie Dickerson
    • Kelly Edwards
    • Reginald French
    • Billy Johnson
    • Ali Kamil
    • Jeffrey Levingston
    • Jesus Penaloza
    • Mohammad Ramzi
    • Atala Safi
    • Annette Wallace
    • Steven Whitwell
    • Herbert Zorn
    • Emmanuel Adio
    • Kathy Ballou
    • Devante Butler
    • Ethel Coffman
    • Terry Dunn
    • Mushinah El-Amin
    • Cyntrell Grant
    • Anthony Griffin
    • Gloria Guerrero
    • Rigoberto Haroldson
    • Romalice Honeycutt
    • Barry Lee
    • Deonte Lightfoot
    • Drawshawna Murray
    • Richard Orosco
    • Osaro Osadiaye
    • Fnu Pardis
    • Dannie Pettaway
    • Regina Smith
    • Stella Taylor
    • Samuel Watts
    • Clifton Williams

Chris Haynes, Employee of the Month at THE STAR in Frisco

October 29, 2018

Recently, Mr. Chris Haynes was recognized for his contributions at THE STAR in FRISCO, World Headquarters for the DALLAS COWBOYS. Mr. Haynes was named as Employee of the Month for all site operations to include all vendors, tenants, and employees of the DALLAS COWBOYS.

Michael Archibeque, Director of the Security for United Protective is on the nomination committee and brought Mr. Haynes to the committee with the following nomination:

Officer Haynes comes to The Star after a difficult time in his and his family’s life. This past September, the city of Houston was suffered through a hurricane event (HARVEY) that devastated the city and many of its residents. One of those residents was Officer Haynes. Mr. Haynes transferred from our Houston UPS office to the Dallas area. We were contacted and asked if we had room for Officer Haynes to be placed at the STAR and we made accommodations for him.

Officer Haynes began work here on September 20th and quickly made it known that he was here to work and establish himself as a dependable officer that we could count on to step up whenever needed. Officer Haynes has the attention of many of the officers and supervisors here at The Star and all agree he is a hard worker and about as reliable an officer as we have here. When writing this nomination, I was approached by Shift Supervisor Husted who has recently worked with Officer Haynes and he had wished to nominate him for the UPS Officer of the Month. In Husted’s memo he writes, "I would like to recommend Christopher Haynes for employee of the month. Although he is not on my shift from what I have seen of him his character speaks volumes."

Quarterly Branch Manager Meeting

October 1, 2018

In December of 2018, United Protective Services held its Quarterly Branch Manager Meeting in Houston. Branch Managers and Account Mangers from all seven (7) Branch Offices attended the two day event. Topics covered Recruiting Personnel, Client Relations, Employee Relations, Association Memberships, Accounting, and Technology. President Andy Allen stated, "the goal of these meetings is to get our team together on a regular basis to ensure their growth is enhanced not only for them to be good managers; but, good people." The meeting was held at our Houston Regional office.


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